Paul Edelman crafts gem in ‘Stranger Things & Truer Words’

Paul Edelman
Jeffrey Sisk

North Carolina singer/songwriter Paul Edelman has an absolute gem on his hands in latest album “Stranger Things & Truer Words.” It’s a terrific 12-track collection of Americana/folk tunes that showcase Edelman’s first-rate songwriting chops.

“I find my inspiration from the darker side of human nature,” explains Edelman, a past winner of the 2009 Flat Rock Music Festival songwriting competition. “I like to shine a flashlight into the crevices of ourselves, pull scabs off, then the redemption lies in the shared experience of the song.”

Twangy keeper “The Highway Doesn’t Know” launches the 44-minute slab in fine fashion, and Edelman later soars on standouts “Chase It Down,” “Friend You Need,” “Campfire Song,” “Ballad of Lizzie Mainford,” “Daddy Says” and “Annie Let’s Roll” — but truth be told, there really isn’t a misstep to be found anywhere on the album. Do yourself a favor and track down a copy of “Stranger Things & Truer Words.” You won’t regret it. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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